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Founded in 2018, La Catrina Imports LLC is a boutique importing company based in Illinois. With strong roots in Mexico, we are passionate about the distillates Mexican producers have to offer, especially agave spirits. 


We hand-select the products in our portfolio to showcase the best qualities and unique traditions of independent producers. Our team puts their heart into every bottle, ensuring our customers enjoy an authentic and unforgettable experience with every sip.  

Lucia Narez, Operations

Lucia Narez, Co-Founder, Operations

Introducing Lucia, the driving force behind La Catrina Imports LLC. As the co-founder and leader of our company, Lucia embodies a unique blend of analytical skills, unwavering reliability, and steadfast commitment. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for organization, she ensures that every aspect of our operations runs seamlessly. Lucia's dedication to excellence permeates through all facets of our business, from sourcing the finest products to fostering strong relationships with our partners. Distributors can trust in Lucia's expertise and vision to guide them towards mutually beneficial collaborations. 

Malena Villasuso, Creativity

Malena, Co-Founder, Creativity

Introducing Malena, the creative force behind La Catrina Imports LLC. As co-founder of our company, Malena brings a unique blend of creativity, imagination, and experience to the table. While she may prefer to work behind the scenes, her impact is unmistakable. Malena's boundless creativity fuels our innovative ideas and sets us apart in the industry. With her wealth of experience and unwavering determination, she provides invaluable support whenever needed, ensuring that our vision becomes a reality. 

Rafael Estrada, Finance

Rafael, Co-Founder, Finance

Introducing Rafael, the financial backbone of La Catrina Imports LLC. As co-founder and the meticulous mind behind our fiscal operations, Rafael ensures that our financial health remains robust and our operations run smoothly. With a wealth of knowledge and a methodical approach, Rafael expertly manages financial tasks behind the scenes to uphold the integrity of our company. His unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity forms the cornerstone of our business practices, instilling trust and reliability in our relationships with our suppliers and distributors. 

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